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Health & safety – our #1 priority

When you need a safe environment onsite for your workers, sub-contractors and the public that is precisely tailored to your needs, CASS is the company to do this. Health and safety are prioritised above all else when overseeing any project of any scale.

All of our workforce are trained to the high standard we pride ourselves on, and CASS as a company, boast an impressive collection of accreditations for piece of mind and improved confidence in our service. Training is regularly implemented to ensure everyone is working to the latest health and safety regulations and regular ToolBox talks are delivered to emphasise the importance of such updates, clearly.


Health & Safety


CASS saw the need to develop an ‘App’ that could deliver the needs of the scaffolding team on the ground but also ensure that all the relevant paperwork needed for the clients was captured in one place.

In 2019 CASS developed a working relationship with Reflow with the aim to create a bespoke app. The app went through extensive development and testing and the scaffolding teams along with the management team went through the training.

The app allows the scaffolding operatives to log their hours, create handover certificates, review, and sign onto RAMS, review design drawings, create load lists for the yard along with all other safety requirements needed on site.

The app is continually being reviewed and updated regularly and many of the recommendations come from the scaffolding operatives using the app daily.

Health & Safety

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