CASS Best Practice

CASS have now completed and printed the CASS Best Practice Guide which has been a year in the making.

The guide was developed to ensure that all CASS operatives understand the standards along with the health and safety implications that the company expects.  This was developed by the management team and with the help of the scaffolding supervisors.

The CASS Health and Safety Manager Brett Chandler has coordinated getting the information for the booklet together.  Many of the expected CASS standards are over and above the industry standards and this makes CASS stand out.

“This is a great project that the team have been involved in, and it’s something that we have not done before and it’s exciting that we have something to show for all our hard work.  The booklets are being given out to the teams over the next couple of weeks and these will also be given to clients to show that we are committed to what we do as a company” said Tom Gent, CASS Managing Director.

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