CASS Keeping Residents Safe

CASS are working with R&M Williams on the Urban Village in Swansea.

CASS originally worked on the build of apartments with the Midas Group back in 2011 and it was great to be back on site and now working with R&M.

The cladding is currently being replaced as part of the UK wide programme of changing cladding following the Grenfell disaster.

The work is much harder this time around, as it is no longer a building site, so consideration has to be made to the residents living in the building and ensuring their safety and the safety of pedestrians is first and foremost in the scaffold build.

“It is great to be back on this site and even more so that we are able to help make this building safer with the change of the cladding which must be a relief to the residents of these apartments” said Tom Gent, CASS Managing Director.

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