CASS Trained to Support

CASS team member Clair Poulton has recently completed a training course in Mental Health Awareness.

The course is aimed at understanding and recognising when employees are going through difficult times and being able to offer support.   The construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide – one in four will take their lives.

The training was the next step for CASS, having recently produced a Health and Wellbeing Information Booklet that is given to all new starters, which contains contact details of various associations and groups covering a wide range of mental health problems.

Raising awareness of mental health and the support that is available is important and this training will allow CASS to be proactive and deal with the issues that employees have.

“The training was important to me and to CASS, being able to offer this to all employees will hopefully show that there is always someone to talk to which is the hardest first step anyone can take” said Clair Poulton.

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