High Praise for CASS from Graham Construction in London

CASS has received excellent praise for work they have carried out at The University of London’s SOAS. As featured in previous news item CASS were responsible for the erection of a very large birdcage structure at this site. This birdcage was required to provide a public safety cover over a busy courtyard while a new glass roof was installed.

At very short notice the CASS London team, led by Jon Wingren, were asked to disassemble and remove the birdcage. Jon and his team really stepped up to the challenge and both the client and Graham Construction were delighted with the way the CASS team applied themselves to the challenge. The job included the dismantling, moving and stacking 70 tonnes of material over the course of two and a half days .

Ron Harman the Graham Project Manager said “I know our Site Manager overseeing the works was pleased with the way your team operated and conducted themselves especially with regards to out of normal hours working. It is very easy to say ‘well that’s how it should be’ but I appreciate that this does not happen purely by chance, it takes intelligent management and pre-planning.” 

In his email to the CASS management team Rob also said “So please pass on my personal appreciation to your supervisor Jon Wingren and his team – not only for bettering the programme but for the uncompromising manner in which it was accomplished. Genuinely appreciated.”

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