CASS work with a range of charities

  • Cystic fibrosis & InTouch – 2021 – £2700

  • Velindre – 2022 – £4250

  • Action for children – 2023- £8016

  • Llamau – 2024 – Ongoing

CASS is deeply committed to collaborating with a diverse range of charities across the UK. The organisation’s unwavering passion for this collaborative work stems from its firm belief in the power of collective efforts to make a positive impact on society.

CASS recognises that charities play a vital role in addressing pressing social issues, supporting vulnerable communities, and striving for a more equitable and inclusive society. CASS’s dedication to working with charities is rooted in a shared vision of creating meaningful change and improving the lives of individuals and communities in need.

Green Task Force

Green Task Force

The charity is a subsidiary of the UK Charity PATT Foundation and was established to solve several prominent issues surrounding both the environment and our veterans. A staggering 6% of serving and former serving personnel and 17% of those that have been in a combat situation are suffering from some form of PTSD. Service leavers also suffer a lot of stress and anxiety when transitioning from the service. It has been proven that getting veterans involved in Nature Based Therapy (NBT) has a positive effect on their mental health. The charity also supports blue light services and the programmes are being extended to include additional members.

In 2021 Green Task Force Wales was launched. The charity wanted to establish roots in Wales as the Welsh Government set an aspiration of 100,000 hectares of new woodland by 2030 to help Wales meet its carbon emission reduction targets. It is widely acknowledged that new woodland creation is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing so.

Tom Gent has been appointed as one of the Directors for the Wales division. Having been in the Royal Navy himself he has significant depth and experience which strengthens the charity in Wales.

Tom commented “I’ve been watching lots of exciting things that the Green Task Force have been involved in and thought how good it would be in Wales and for me to get involved and help. I work on many sites in South Wales and lots of these sites plant trees but with no real purpose, this is what we at Green Task Force Wales want to change. New schools are being built all around us and we intend to get schools and main contractors on board and get children help planting these trees alongside the veterans. I have been asked many times what else do you do other than owning a great scaffolding company so now I have that opportunity to offer more back into the local area and across the rest of Wales and help achieve the reduction needed in our carbon emission output”.

The Key Services offered by the charity are:

  • Tree Planting Services
  • Estate Garden Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Woodland Management
  • Horticultural Services
  • Training and Development
  • Grass Cutting – Amenity and Formal
  • Shrub Pruning Services
  • Weed Control
  • Litter Removal
  • Leaf Clearance
  • Arborist Work/Tree Care/Tree Surgery/Tree Inspection
  • Storm Damage Removal
  • Tree Pruning/Felling/Thinning
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Gritting and Snow Clearance
  • Fly Tipping Removal

Tree Planting 2024

Tree Planting 2023

This charity aim is to plant trees – get rewards – feel brilliant. The goal is to plant trees, create jobs and reward both consumers and businesses. Carma is on a mission to remove One Billion Tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Carma was created because they wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Carma care about the planet and the people who live here. But not enough is being done to fight climate change – so Carma is taking matters into their own hands and doing everything they can to help. Carma is putting the power into the hands of individuals and businesses – by making it easier than ever to make a positive impact and feel great doing it. Carma believes doing good makes you feel good. Carma partners with the Green Task Force for all the UK tree planting, which helps veterans on a pathway to meaningful employment. Something that is very close to the founders’ hearts.

InTouch was formed as a charitable body in 2020 by a group of former players and the help of former Royal Navy Rugby League (RNRL) Chairman to provide support to ex-players by helping them transition out of the service into civilian street, to obtain gainful employment and mentor them through any other unforeseen issues along the way. Again Tom Gent is also a key member of the team and is keen to develop this charity to it’s full.