CASS are involved in social and community projects and here is a small example of what we help with

CASS recognises the importance of fostering a strong social fabric within our communities, and to achieve this, they actively sponsor local organisations.

CASS’s sponsorship initiatives are driven by the desire to nurture and strengthen the social bonds that bind our communities together. By supporting these local organisations, CASS plays a crucial role in promoting unity, inclusivity, and overall well-being within our communities.


Cardiff City Ladies Football

CASS have recently sponsored all away games for the Cardiff City Football Club Ladies team.

The cost to support the team when playing away games is high, so we wanted to offer our support by helping in a small way for the ladies team this year.

Penarth Youth RFC

CASS sponsor the Old Penarthians Under 15s rugby team. The team are now Cardiff Rugby Defender Under 15s Super 12s Plate Winners.


CASS recently sponsored the 2Wish Paul Burke golf day at the Royal Glamorganshire Golf Course.