CASS are not just a scaffolding company

CASS have been involved in many sponsorships project and challenges which gives back to the community both locally and nationally.

The company aim is to give back to the community wherever possible and over the last few years we have been involved in some amazing causes.

Social Values

Annual Charity

Each year CASS choose a charity to support for that year. The charity for 2023 is Action for Children and the reason that this charity was selected was due to Tom Gent visiting the local centre late in 2021 when he saw two very young children brought into the centre following the sudden death of their parents. This made such an impact that there was no question that CASS would not help this cause.

To date we have been part of the “Secret Santa” initiative whereby we donated £3000.00 to the scheme. This money would have been spent on Christmas gifts for the clients but the team at CASS felt it would be better donated to the charity and the gifts purchased would be presented on behalf of our clients.

We will also be involved in two other events later this year for the charity – climbing Penyfan and Boycott Your Bed.

Christmas Hamper Collection with Morgan Sindall

Every year for the last three years we have donated a range of food/personal items to Morgan Sindall who then donate these to the local food banks to help and support unfortunate families in the area. The CASS team all donate items or money so that vouchers can be purchased so that the food banks can replenish stocks.

Annual ‘Row424Hrs’ Challenge

In 2021 CASS set up a challenge with the aim to raise money for the selected charity each year. The challenge was that a team would row for 30 minutes on the static rower in the CASS gym and get sponsored to do this. The CASS team along with clients, family and friends were all involved in this, and it was a great success.

In 2023 the row raised £6500.00, and this was donated to Action for Children. This event not only raises money and awareness for the charity but also allows those taking part to develop their fitness and aim and break personal targets.

Tree Planting

In 2022 CASS made the commitment to support the environment whilst working with another charity ‘Green Task Force’. This charity supports veterans on their transition from the forces and helps those suffering with PTSD and other ailments. The charity provides employment to these personnel in outdoor green treatment. This helps their mental wellbeing and gets them back into work when they are at their lowest.

In 2022 CASS took part in the first tree planting day, and the CASS team had a day at Newbridge Fields in Newport where 1000 trees were planted. Early in 2023 the second tree planting day was held in Abergavenny on two different sites. On this occasion CASS worked alongside a team from Morgan Sindall and over 2000 trees were planted. Again, this was an amazing day for the team doing something that is not in their normal working day but also supporting so many great causes. More days are planned for later in the year.