CASS Sponsor Royal Navy Field Gun Crew

The annual Royal Navy Field Gun Competition is taking place at HMS Collingwood in Fareham on Saturday 4th June. The home teams from the Collingwood base will face the challenge of field gun crews from naval bases across the UK.

The competition, which is similar to the field gun races that were a popular part of the Royal Tournament until 1999, sees the crews haul a field gun and carriage weighing about the same as a small car over a tarmac parade ground. During the run the crew have to negotiate several obstacles and fire the gun after stripping and re-assembling it.

CASS has been keen to sponsor this very popular annual event as they believe that the Field Gun competition crews require many of the same qualities as scaffolding teams. These qualities include not only great physical strength but also trust in your team mates and working under pressure in potentially dangerous situations.

This year CASS are sponsoring the HMS Collingwood teams and we wish them all the best of luck at Saturday’s competition.


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